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 Texting Buddies | Sex Textinghttp://frbjc.voluumtrk2.com/4185aa7b-5394-4c0f-9055-c9bc67032dccHOW TEXTING BUDDIES CAN GIVE A BOOST TO YOUR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE


Most people already know about the pleasures of using chatting apps for social purposes. They provide an increased communication level. You can get in touch with someone you know much sooner no matter where you are in the world. It’s no wonder that over 80% of Americans have admitted to their dependence over the guilty pleasure of texting buddies for a cheap ego boost than any other devices they use.


There is another side to this social phenomenon though. There is the potential for businesses to really gain a leg up on the competition by using one of these chats for texting buddies. Still confused on how it’s a really good idea? Allow us to illustrate a few main points down below. Our hope is that once you are done reading this, some of you will have changed your minds on the whole idea of texting and may decide to use it for a little bit of sexting too.  Let’s face it we pretty much turn everything we have into sexual objects,why not our mobile phones?


 Texting Buddies | Sex Texting


Your 3 Best Options:

1) Using this sort of chat service will drastically reduce your phone and tech support bill. It costs about the same as it does to send off an email to someone. Using the “texting buddies” system will allow the user to multi-task. The person can take care of the customer, all while doing a hundred other things at once.

2)Using this system at work will definitely increase sales. If your customers see how quickly you are getting back to them, it’s going to allow them the chance to trust you more. They will feel more comfortable with giving you their business. You know how two parties can gain a mutually-exclusive relationship while using the same system for pleasure purposes? Well, the same thing can be achieved in business. The only difference is it’s business, not personal.

3)Using the “text buddy” app system will allow you to discover your customer’s pain points that much sooner. The sooner you can figure out what is causing your customer distress, the sooner you can work to resolve it. We are not saying this will happen all the time.

However, a texting buddies system does allow you to stay on track so you can do things much more efficiently, and yes that includes having phone sex…

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