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I like to text sexy girls behind my wife’s back!


It is a hand in hand sport. There are a number of unspoken rules and jargon that will keep the average person out of the fun. Not me! It is the dangerous mixture of excitement that I crave. I just cannot resist the arousal of a naughty message from a complete stranger. If you are going play, you are going to need the upper hand in this game.


Things like where to play and how to text sexy girls are important!


These places are sexiest places where you can practice your sext text skills:


  • Restaurant/Cafe: Everyone knows that these places have a back-end. In this back-end there are no rules.  Just make sure to stay quiet and no one will know.


  • Computer Room/Library.  It is  quiet here. If your special someone who does not mind getting their hair tangled, then this is for you. Just make sure to give your partner a mouthful.  Dirty text messages that is.


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  • In a car/back of a bus.  All you need is to make sure that someone is distracting the driver and you can get away with anything. Tell her to get ready for a bumpy ride.


  • Park/Cabin. It is important to have trees around that will muffle any whimpers and squeaks. The trees will make a good place to lean against as well.


  • Wo/men bathroom.  The stalls will be your best friend in this place. Just be careful that you do not slip and fall. It will help if you left a sink running with water.


We have a range of women who want to join you in your secret fantasies and many are well versed in this scenario. SHH, some of them are actually married!




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