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Femdom Looking For Slave Boys To Train For The Role of Sexting Master

 Femdom Looking For Slave Boys To Train For The Role of Sexting Master | Sex TextingMISTRESS HENRIETTA IS IN THE HOUSE


My Name is Henrietta and I want to be your dominatrix for the evening. I am looking for an 18 – 30-year-old slave boy that I can train and who will understand that I am in control. This is the way I like my men.  In control and seen but not heard unless I say so.


This is not a relationship. Do not expect one from me. My job is to train young masculine men so they will eventually become Masters. I take my job as a Femdom sexting host very seriously. I expect the same from you. The call that we have will not just about “getting off”. It will be my way of controlling what you can do and say. Consider yourself to be “in training” for bigger and better things from the moment you text me. You will not “get off” unless I say you can.


Get It? Good!


I need a man whom I can discipline for both pain and pleasure. When I whistle, you come running. When I say to bow down before me, you better do it. Sexting will only be used as part of your formal training.


Welcome to my playroom. In here I have many toys to acquaint you with. You will be doing the same thing for someone else one day. It is important that you become well-versed in ” the religion of BDSM,” and where you belong.  A sub is what you are and I am your dom.  I control your ever action and thought while you are in my presence.  In return, I offer pleasure that you cannot get anywhere, certainly not from the girls at work or your spouse. You know they cannot take care of you like I can.


I will put a chastity belt on you while my whip takes your body for an unexpected ride.


All Interested slave boys should message sex text me on here.  If you are into Latina girls, you might want to read my friend’s profile