Sexy Medical Student Looking To Play Doctor

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 Sexy Medical Student Looking To Play Doctor | Sex Texting Sext Me for Free


My name is Ramona. I am 21 years of age. That means I am legal boys.


I get to see doctor’s doing all sorts of things all day where I work. It is quite the turn on. I have been known to steal a glance of them in the shower when they are not looking. All soaped up and horny right after surgery. Yes, it is true after all, surgery is an adrenaline rush. It gets me so hot just thinking about it. Unfortunately, they are married where I work. This is why I am placing an ad for you to contact me.


I am looking for a guy who I can play doctor with. Are you “up” for the challenge? Message me.


I have some very sexy pics of me in my nurse’s outfit that I can share with you. I am drawn to muscular guys. The hotter your body might look in scrubs, the more likely I am to peel it off of you. I also fantasize about having sex on an office desk. Office sex with a doctor is so hot.


Word of warning: I am kind of voyeuristic and everything that it involves. Does this interest you? Contact with me below. I am looking for pictures too. I want to see my man in either scrubs or a suit for office work. Show a little skin for me too. Show me just how hot and horny you are for me. Wet and wild guys in the shower are always welcome. I have only been given a practical and theoretical approach to the human body in my studies. I am looking to take things to the next level and beyond.


Professional and single doctors (and patients) only!!