How to be better at Sex Texting.

Why most people will never succeed at “sexting” with a stranger.  It just isn’t done! No girl will engage in sexting with you if you are a stranger without payment.  It is that simple!

Our service fills a void in the industry. Websites like KIK and SnapChat brag about providing sexting, but what is there to brag about?  Sex texting should only be for adult entertainment. They have many profiles of potential texting buddies, but none will ever connect.

Reality bites, we know!

Sexting with strangers is fun! As a result, we decided to offer a sex texting mobile application to provide easy access to chat mates. Our hosts will text you back.

To Infinity and Beyond

What’s the most important thing you need to remember when sexting a stranger? They will not text you back and let alone meet with you without a valid reason. Creating a purpose for a text sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it isn’t. The truth is, in most of our lifetimes, there is never going to be a time when a stranger meets with you. This is especially true with sexting because it is discrete.

Your First Mistake

If you are still following the 3-day rule, you will never meet anyone. Potential partners want to know that you want them. By God, sext them back! Sitting by the phone for 72 hours waiting for your next SMS text is a surefire way for them to lose interest. Text them as soon as you get their “digits” to let them know they are on your mind. You will score big points if you do it when you are still in front of the person.

Even Worse Than the First Mistake

Word to the wise, if you are bad with names, make sure you write the person’s name down somewhere. On your arm, your dog or any viable surface that won’t absorb the ink. Playing coy and writing using words like gorgeous, handsome or beautiful is cheesy. Women are keen at detecting mistakes so remember their names and numbers.

The Eager Beaver

Yes, this is the part where it gets confusing. If you actually want to text your target more than once, take head. Do not text him or her  if they do not respond right away. While showing interest is mandatory, sending 10 texts in an hour makes you look needy and  kinda creepy. Play it safe and shoot a sex text and wait for a response, wait a day or two and send it again After the third time and a week goes by, assume they are not into you.

It does happen that the person may have been away or did not have access to their phone.  At this point, the call or text back is in their hands. The choice to answer is up to you.  We suggest never losing a chance for love, answer back!

The Roundup

Once you’ve perfected your strategy, you are ready to chat. Even if the apple of your eye is a sports buff, he or she definitely wants more than the latest score, and so do you.  Becoming a text master isn’t as difficult as it seems, it just takes a little practice and patience.  If you want to try sexting with a stranger, you have come to the right place.  Find more information and free credits just by clicking on the buttons above or read our blog.

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