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Sexting Online – Bot or Not?

How to know if the person you are sexting online is a bot or not?

If you’ve done much texting online, at one point or another you’ve probably run into a bot. You may have run into one without even knowing it, although it’s usually easy enough to catch on eventually.

What is a sexting bot?

It’s essentially a computer program that attempts to mimic a real person. The bot’s purpose is usually to get people to visit or sign up on a certain website. To avoid wasting your time, here are a few ways to figure out if there’s a real person behind those texts.

  1. Read the Profile

If you’re texting on a service that has profiles for each user, take a look at the profile of the person you’re speaking with. Bots often don’t have any profile information filled out, and if they do, it’s typically very limited and may be written with incorrect or odd grammar.

Of course, this isn’t a sure sign that you’re texting with a bot. Many users don’t fill out profiles or write their profiles with incorrect grammar. However, it is one warning sign.

  1. Look at the Pictures

Again, if you’re texting on a service with profiles, there are likely pictures that you can look at of the other user. If not, you can always simply ask the person you’re texting to send you a picture.

How can you tell if you’re texting a bot by looking at a picture? You’ll find that most bot profiles have pictures that look like they could have been taken from a quick Google Image Search or from another person’s social media profile. There may only be professional pictures, instead of any candid shots from the person’s life. Or, all the person’s pictures could be in the same outfit. As a general rule, if it looks like the person you’re texting got all their pictures through an online search, they probably did.

  1. Watch How They Communicate

The biggest tell when it comes to bots is the way that they communicate with you. While some bots are good at mimicking natural human conversations, most will give themselves away with unnatural communicating if you talk to them enough. Many bots only follow a script designed to mimic a normal conversation, and if you ask unrelated questions it simply won’t answer them and will proceed on with the conversation. It’s a good idea to throw out plenty of random or obscure questions if you suspect you’re texting with a robot and see if it’s able to answer them.

One thing that tends to become obvious the longer you talk to a bot is a lack of personality. Because a bot doesn’t have a life of its own, texting with one usually turns into a basic, boring conversation of questions and answers.

  1. The Ulterior Motive

Finally, the sure sign that you’re dealing with a bot is when it tries to get you to do something. This will typically be visiting a link that the bot provides to some strange URL. Real people don’t try to get strangers to go to random URLs. If the person you’re texting sends you a link, don’t click on it and end the conversation.

Texting with a bot can be annoying, as once you realize you’re not texting a real person, the entire conversation feels like a giant waste of time. Fortunately, once you’ve had that experience, it gets much easier to recognize the warning signs when it happens in the future. Once you figure out a website uses bots, lose the number!


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