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In the “real” world being aggressive, telling white lies and being confident are ingredients for success. Just ask Donald Trump who seems to use these tactics on a daily basis to try and win the Presidential campaign.  Some people see these tactics as revolting while others admire his audacity. However, when it comes to sexting chat, these are qualities that will definitely hinder rather than help you.


There are a time and place for this kind of behaviour and during intimate moments, they are simply unattractive.


 Sex Texting Chat | Sex Texting


There is a huge difference between being aggressive or overly confident when you are sending sexy chat or text messages. If you push too hard for a face-to-face meeting, you will come across as stalkerish and this is scary, especially to women. You are trying to win someone over, not closing a business deal or winning an election. Patience, love and caring are the keys to successful relationships.


Nobody is perfect, we are all flawed and if you expect the other person to be so, you will always be disappointed.  It just doesn’t happen. Perfectionism in the workplace is completely different from the bedroom. This is even more important while sexting chat because of things such as auto-correction, moods and relaying of messages over mobile.  The session will never go as you expect, laugh it off and just deal with them. Sexting was meant to be a fun and entertaining way of having sex, not a means to an end for dating.


Sexting requires you to be 100% truthful to your partner because it involves a level of trust.  One instance of doubt can turn a sexting chat session into an unwanted screaming match.  This happens because most sexting involves some level of long distance relationships which are never easy.  Trust is important in these kinds of relationships.


Don’t be to aggressive, confident and untruthful and you will be successful at Sexting.