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Sometimes a girl just wants to be a slut when she is going to sext text. You know what I mean, right? I’m talking bent over, legs spread, a big cock in that pussy, a hand pulling on hair. That’s making me wet already. I like sexy stories what can I say.  I have been into phone sex since I was into sex.  It was the only thing I did when I was in highschool. A virgin ,I wanted to stay that way; phone sex became my salvation.


I got good at telling dirty stories, became a chat host and well now I am going to start a sext text career.


It is still phone sex, only mobile!


You be the judge, here is what you can expect when you give me a call:


Walking down the street today, this extremely hot guy caught my eye. It happens a lot, but this time was different. He came up to me and asked me if I was looking for some fun. I should have been more cautious but for some reason, I did not think I had to be. I asked, “What kind?” He grinned this evil grin that soaked my panties.


I nodded and he pulled me into the alley nearby. This is not something I normally do, but I must admit it was pretty exciting. I could hear people all around us and that made me even hotter. The thought of being caught doing something really nasty was a real turn on. After all,  I’m a nasty slut most of the time!


He yanked down his pants and pushed me down to my knees. It was easy to guess what he wanted and I gave it to him. He grabbed my head and face fucked me until I almost choked, but truth told,  I loved every minute of it. Reaching down, I lifted up my skirt and slid one finger into my slick pussy. God, I hoped he was going to fuck me soon.


As if hearing my thoughts, he lifted me up, pressed me against the brick wall and yanked up my skirt. He ripped the panties off me and slid his cock in, fucking me nice and hard. My face was pressed against the brick as he took me like the naughty girl that I am.


God, it was a glorious fuck! He used me then pushed me back on my knees where I got a face full of his cum! Then he zipped up and walked away, leaving me to clean up on my own. Today, I got to be someone’s bitch and now I just want more and more!


This is the reason that I enjoy sext text so much. I can be anyone’s bitch, any time of the day or night.


What are you waiting for, aren’t you going to sext me?


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    I love you

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