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Myths We Believe About Sex Numbers That are False


Our society is trained to think and believe certain things about phone sex or sex in general. You think you know everything about sex and chat numbers, but many of these facts need a bit of refreshing. Once you have this information you will be thanking us for years to come. And, probably calling us too!


Myths 1-5


  • 1. Sex is a young person’s game so they do not have to call chat lines. False!


When you are younger it can be more athletic, not to mention faster. This does not mean you get it all the time. This is where a phone sex line comes in handy.  If you catch my drift. There is a certain charm to being a young stud. It never lasts, though. When you get older you learn to appreciate sex more. You learn to prolong the orgasms and really enjoy the sensuality, especially over the phone. There are many adult couples who have active sex lives well into their 80’s and 90’s and they use sex numbers too.


  • 2. Women are the ones who are monogamous, while the men cheat. Wrong!


Women are lead to believe this. They are taught to believe they need to be monogamous. In truth, a woman’s biology has the ability to have more than one sex partner, more so than their mate.


  • 3. Some say that women are the ones who are less interested in sex. Wrong!


This is only true in the cases of abuse and work and a demanding family life. When the demands are not as bad, the opposite happens to be true. Then your partner will turn into an insatiable rabid pleasure zone. This bodes well for chat numbers and their statistics. It bodes well for married couples too. Sex does not have to stop because you get married and have kids.


  • 4. Some believe that men have to ejaculate in order to reach an orgasm.


Women are taught to believe this too. You can reach an orgasm without having to ejaculate. Believe me, I know. Once you tell your partner this, the stress is off the table. You both can enjoy sex so much more. An orgasm without ejaculation can be some of the most intense feelings you have ever had in your life.


Many believe that you have to get your partner turned on and “hard” in order for there to be any pleasure. Foreplay is not about getting your partner “hard”. It is about a connection. As long as there is a connection, the “erection” will come in time, whether you are on the phone or with your partner face-to-face.


  • 5. Size Matters


This is only half true. It is also about compatibility. It is about skill level too. You need to know how to use your penis when and where it counts. Sometimes those with just an average size ends up getting the job done more effectively.


Some Final Words 


Boredom is going to enter the picture at some point. You could be the most loving and intimate couple out there; and yet, the boredom may still be there. There is such a thing as too much intimacy. There is such a thing as too much closeness. It will cause your partner to become “turned off”.


Every person is different. Their sexual goals are different. Your partner could be turned off by what you are doing and be totally aroused by being on the phone. Talk to your partner. Find out what the sex number operators are doing that you are not. So many people get weighed down by ego. Maybe the sex operator knows something you do not and can help you figure it out.

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