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I am Violet, a fiery vixen. I will cut right to the chase, am bored and married, but my husband is never around. We used to have fun, but now his work takes up most of his time. His work has become his new mistress and I suppose it has something to do with the spunky new secretary he can’t stop talking about. That’s fine with me, I am not the jealous type, but what is good for the Goose is always good for the Gander I say. On that note,  I am looking for a random guy to have some fun sex texting with.


Cars, bars, and earth shattering orgasms.


Want to have some great sex? The best sex you ever had in your life? Get into a fight with me. The fierier I get, the more explosive the sex will be. I am a red-head. What do you expect? Ever have sex in a car? Want to try it? Why not try it with me? I bring new meaning to the term “Hummer.” I have been known to make men have earth-shattering explosions behind the wheel of a car, sometimes the car is not even moving.


Guess you can say I like to have sex in dangerous places like bars. The more dangerous the place, the hotter the sex is with me. The idea of getting caught kind of turns me on. I also have been known to do chatrooms. Sometimes they get too boring for me. I like excitement.


Message me. Let me see what you have got.


Do no message me unless you are serious about taking your sex life to the next level. I do not work well with men who are not in control of themselves. I like men who know what they want because I like to please and I like guys who are not afraid to take charge. Even more, when he let me take charge.


I am not the girl next door and I do not pretend to be. Wussies and stuff-shirts need not apply unless you are looking to have your vanilla existence “blown away,”  Speaking of being blown, sext me.


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