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It is an absolute fallacy that online sex texting first started and became populated entirely by perverts, sexual predators, weirdoes, social misfits and emotional wrecks! The fact is women do it too, most just get prefer to get paid to do it.FinDom is one of the fastest growing ways for women to make money and it often begins with sex texting.


Regardless if you like it or not, online dating and sexting have gone mainstream and lost all the negative publicity it once had because most people realize that you cannot blame the industry for parents who fail to guard their children against adult things. Single people of all sexes, shapes, sizes races, religions and with all kinds of fantasies and fetishes are partaking in sex texting. Yes, even nice girls are doing it too!


Short people, tall people, thin people, and even BBW’s do it too. In fact, BBW is one of the hottest topics when it comes to sexting. The only thing that seems to differ are the reasons some people do it: (1) Sex (2) Money and (3) Dealing with issues.


 Girls Sex Texting | Sex Texting



Never before has it been as easy to choose a partner based on sexual desires and needs.The fun of most sex texting apps is the fact that you can view hundreds of online profiles and choose based on fetishes you want to explore, in other words, the screening is already done for you. Depending on the website you choose will also allow you to know if you have an interest in a long term or short term relationships as well.


Can you remember how many times you spent working for 8 hours, got home and wasted another hour, searching online or got ready to go out for a drink only to meet up with the same undesirable people? It costs money and plays on your self-worth especially when you really only want sex. Phone sex is cheap, safe and available. It is not like porn because it does at least offer some human connection that is one on one and personal.



For less than the price of an evening out to maybe engage in some sex, you can enjoy an entire month of talking to people from the safety of your own home…and have sex whenever with whoever you want. At least if you use our sexting app you can.


Dealing with issues:

It is a lot easier to talk to someone on a phone or via sex texting about sexual issues or desires you have because you are simply acting them out or you can hang up. Phone sex is like a filter or buffer for sexual exploration.


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