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 How to become better at Texting - Get Skilled. | Sex Texting


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Women have been at the forefront of the sexting industry.  And, it isn’t by chance.  Of course, the obvious reason is because they are women but this is not the only reason.  A great deal of their success can be attributed to the skills that many of them possess. It is not just about being sexy. A huge part of sex texting and phone sex, in general, is being able to actively listen and engage with your partner.

If you are looking to become better skilled at it, try doing what women do.

1. They are Understanding


Women are natural providers.  They know what is important in their lives and to others. Listening and being empathetic to your sexting buddy is sometimes all you need. When you being to understand that the focus isn’t only on your own sexual needs, you will start to see things differently. And, reap the benefits of a happy partner.  Creativity is your friend, use it.


2. They are Loving


Online love and relationships have often been dismissed as unrealistic. But, just because people are not in an actual physical relationship does not make them any less real. Single or not, women understand that their partners can sometimes put a lot of importance on “virtual” relationships. A loving and meaningful sexting relationships can be the foundation of their fantasy. To ignore this key aspect can break apart other parts of their sexuality. Being loving and non-judgmental is key to success here.  If you want to end the relationship, do it with kindness. Don’t be that guy or girl.


3. They are Good Listeners


Having the power to listen is a skill that is absolutely necessary. When someone sends a text, read it. There are always hidden messages or hints that your partner is trying to share with you.  If you can tap into those, you will be able to tell them what they want or need to hear in order to get excited.  Women are good at picking up the sexy vibe, men tend to miss the signals because they are often egocentric when it comes to sex.  Stop, listen and learn how to turn on your partner using this valuable knowledge.



It is odd that men often say they want their partners to be more into it, yet they do not offer them a way in which to do so even when the partner is telling them exactly what they want.  Listen more, talk less.


Another important skill women have is the ability to tell it like it is. Sex texting isn’t rocket science but it does take a little bit of effort and you get out of it what you put into it.  If you simply send a text message saying something like, “Send Pics,” you will probably get what you deserve – a picture of a cat.  Finally, the one thing you should never do is act like a bot and send generic messages to hundreds of people at the same time.  Yes, some people do this and it is not appropriate and it is not sexy.  If you think you are being cool and no one knows, think again.  Most people know when a text message sounds like a bot or not!

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