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Meet Valencia, Naughty Blonde looking for Sugar Daddy

 Meet Valencia, Naughty Blonde looking for Sugar Daddy | Sex Texting

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Sweet and Seductive Looking for A DILF


My name is Valencia. I may only be 18 years of age, but I act much older than I look. Mature in mind and always have been. My hobbies include photography and texting. What I like even more is what I do with the pictures I share via text.


Are you into long and romantic walks on the beach? Do you like candlelight dinners and soft music? Then, I am probably not your girl. My needs are much more specific and highly physical. I particularly have a fondness for DILF’s. Those who need this explained to them should probably consider other options.  I’m high maintenance, but I am worth it because I will love my daddy. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to please him. I am looking for a daddy that I can give back to, in more ways than one.


I yearn for someone who is not shy about sharing in my “daddy” fantasies. Do you have a daughter at home that you like to dote on? I can be your daughter away from home and then some.


Wait for a raunchy text from me in the middle of the night, then reply. Do not reply with some “basic” stuff. Get dirty with me.I cannot get enough. The more you cater to my “innocent girl” fantasies, the more reciprocation you will get back from me.


Message me. I will reply back to those who look like “daddy”. Fifty Shades of Grey has nothing on what I will do for you. I am an insatiable blonde who is waiting to hear from her daddy. It is not wise to keep me waiting, especially when I become a “cat in heat”. Daddy’s who like to spoil, do not be shy.


Daddys who have what I want will get what they need.