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Femdom Looking For Slave Boys To Train For The Role of Sexting Master

 Femdom Looking For Slave Boys To Train For The Role of Sexting Master | Sex TextingMISTRESS HENRIETTA IS IN THE HOUSE


My Name is Henrietta and I want to be your dominatrix for the evening. I am looking for an 18 – 30-year-old slave boy that I can train and who will understand that I am in control. This is the way I like my men.  In control and seen but not heard unless I say so.


This is not a relationship. Do not expect one from me. My job is to train young masculine men so they will eventually become Masters. I take my job as a Femdom sexting host very seriously. I expect the same from you. The call that we have will not just about “getting off”. It will be my way of controlling what you can do and say. Consider yourself to be “in training” for bigger and better things from the moment you text me. You will not “get off” unless I say you can.


Get It? Good!


I need a man whom I can discipline for both pain and pleasure. When I whistle, you come running. When I say to bow down before me, you better do it. Sexting will only be used as part of your formal training.


Welcome to my playroom. In here I have many toys to acquaint you with. You will be doing the same thing for someone else one day. It is important that you become well-versed in ” the religion of BDSM,” and where you belong.  A sub is what you are and I am your dom.  I control your ever action and thought while you are in my presence.  In return, I offer pleasure that you cannot get anywhere, certainly not from the girls at work or your spouse. You know they cannot take care of you like I can.


I will put a chastity belt on you while my whip takes your body for an unexpected ride.


All Interested slave boys should message sex text me on here.  If you are into Latina girls, you might want to read my friend’s profile

Naughty Latina Looking for Fun with No strings Attached

 Naughty Latina Looking for Fun with No strings Attached | Sex Texting

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Adults 18+ only
I’m a naughty latina who loves to dance to salsa music and enjoys hot sex texting. You can tell a lot about a man just by the way he dances. Those that move well on the floor will move well in the sack.


“I am tired of dancing here all by myself. Tonight, I want to dance with someone else”.
–Madonna, Into the Groove


This sentiment sums me up completely. Show me your moves on the dance floor. The more erotic and exotic the better it is for me, Stare into my eyes. Show me you want me. Show me your body can take the heat. I am not just talking about the heat on the dance floor, I am talking about the heat in the bedroom. I have been known to “get it on” on the dance floor while we are both still clothed. The truth is I love having sex in dangerous places. The more dangerous, the hotter it is for me. I will be for you too.


Dirty Dancing always ends in the bedroom


After a night of hot dancing, I love to go walking on the beach. Find the perfect spot. Sweat out our urges in the sand while the bass is playing at the nearby club. I need a man who can hit “the spot” just as the bass is getting louder and more intense.


Show me you are not afraid to get wet and wild in the sand and water. Show me that the idea of another person seeing us turns you on too. I will show you my spunk when you show me yours.


I need a “real” man who can show me what he has got both on the dance floor and off. Contact me with some pics and it is not wise to make Sophia wait too long.

Tattoo Goddess Looking for a Good Time


 Tattoo Goddess Looking for a Good Time | Sex Texting

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My name is Mallory. The name in my description says it all. I am very big into leather, I love dressing up in it and love seeing others wear it too. Nothing gets me hotter than seeing a hot guy in tight leather pants. When I see this, then it makes me want to take his bubble butt for a ride with some hot sex texting.



Leather turns me on. I am known as the “unicorn“. I am bi. Which sex do I prefer? Depends on the day and my mood. My first love is men, always will be. However, when a woman is dressed the right way and looks good, I have been known to “switch off”.


I am looking for someone to have some fun with. I have been known to take on a guy and girl at the same time. It all depends on the situation and what I am being offered.




I go to every bike week in Florida. I will expect whoever I am with to come with me. You want to “get some of this”, you have to come. I love seeing all the latex and leather during this time. It gets me so hot. When I get this hot, my insatiable side tends to come out more.


I love having sex on a bike and I have deep throated many men on a bike, especially during Bike Week. I have been known to use a sex toy to ride a guy from behind. This will happen guys. Do not message me unless you are a “real man”, someone who can take it from me. I do not respond well to the faint-hearted or squeamish.


I am open to most fantasies. And, as every biker girl knows, tattoos and flashing are mandatory.


Red Headed Vixen Seeking Buddy


 Red Headed Vixen Seeking Buddy | Sex Texting

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I am Violet, a fiery vixen. I will cut right to the chase, am bored and married, but my husband is never around. We used to have fun, but now his work takes up most of his time. His work has become his new mistress and I suppose it has something to do with the spunky new secretary he can’t stop talking about. That’s fine with me, I am not the jealous type, but what is good for the Goose is always good for the Gander I say. On that note,  I am looking for a random guy to have some fun sex texting with.


Cars, bars, and earth shattering orgasms.


Want to have some great sex? The best sex you ever had in your life? Get into a fight with me. The fierier I get, the more explosive the sex will be. I am a red-head. What do you expect? Ever have sex in a car? Want to try it? Why not try it with me? I bring new meaning to the term “Hummer.” I have been known to make men have earth-shattering explosions behind the wheel of a car, sometimes the car is not even moving.


Guess you can say I like to have sex in dangerous places like bars. The more dangerous the place, the hotter the sex is with me. The idea of getting caught kind of turns me on. I also have been known to do chatrooms. Sometimes they get too boring for me. I like excitement.


Message me. Let me see what you have got.


Do no message me unless you are serious about taking your sex life to the next level. I do not work well with men who are not in control of themselves. I like men who know what they want because I like to please and I like guys who are not afraid to take charge. Even more, when he let me take charge.


I am not the girl next door and I do not pretend to be. Wussies and stuff-shirts need not apply unless you are looking to have your vanilla existence “blown away,”  Speaking of being blown, sext me.


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