Asian Girl looking for Lesbian or Couples for Sex Texting

 Asian Girl looking for Lesbian or Couples for Sex Texting | Sex Texting


This is me in my college dorm room. Now is the time to experiment.


My name is Tia and this is what I am looking to do. I am straight, but I do have a small fascination with women and I have wanted to try sex texting for a long time. I am only seeking single girls to text because I cannot get involved with another attached girl. In the past, I have known too many and they all have crazy partners.


Unless of course, their partners are into sharing then I am ok with that.


I am looking for an Asian girl that wants to do the same, but I like all kinds of women, to be honest. You can always find me hanging out in the library on campus or through the discreet sex texting channels in here.I like to go outside. Have fun at the beach. I do normal girl things and I am not looking to get attached to anyone. There is this guy I am currently seeing. I want to do this privately, so he will not find out.


And, I do smoke and I hope that is not going to be a problem for some of you. I am interested in experimenting with kissing, touching, and even a little sex. Curious, I just want to know what it feels like to “bat for the other team”.


No attachments, Please. I cannot stress this enough!


No freaky Femdom fetish stuff either, I am quite vanilla other than the fact that I like cuckolding and am bi-sexual but hey everyone has a fantasy don’t they?