Android Sex Texting is More FUN Than Your Wife!


Here’s Why:


Maybe the light has gone out a little in the bedroom. This isn’t unusual. There are plenty of jokes about how marriage can be the end of sex. Well, unfortunately, this can be true. Routine sex and time – especially for women and the mature individual – can slowly minimize the sex drive. Four times a week can slow down to once a week (usually on the weekend) or less. Android sex texting gives a fellow a chance to spruce up his testosterone with some lively exchanges. This will remind him of his attractiveness and virility. And he can bring that new energy home to his bored wife!


For the record, good android sex texting can release serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. These are important components for making us happy. Being happy and the feelings of attraction sexting and phone sex can bring will help alleviate stress, as well as boost confidence and sexiness. Because who doesn’t like to be in a great mood?



Sometimes A Little Change Is Good!


In a lot of ways, sexting, phone sex, and video chat can make you more vulnerable and bring more intense feelings than actual sex. Nothing builds the tension like hearing what a woman wants to do to you. A statement like “I want to stroke your entire body and hear you moan my name out loud.” can hold your imagination and keep it right there on the edge. Android sex texting forces you to be creative and unique, to be spontaneous & receptive to new & exciting desires.



Mobile sex texting has a feel-good factor you just can’t get anywhere else. It helps build and release tons of positive energy – which can transfer over to your significant other. Some studies have shown flirtatious activity like phone chat can actually be good for a relationship. Coming home to a partner either comfortable or cold with you after long duration’s of time have passed can be a downer. A few minutes with someone who isn’t taking a you for granted can make all the difference between coming home with a smile or a frown.



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