SexTexting Options

Almost everyone has a cell phone in this day and age, but sometimes we find ourselves momentarily out of one for whatever reason. This shouldn’t deter you from trying to sex text with your lover. The internet has a variety of free and paid sex texting applications that lets you connect with your friends without having to use a cell phone. 

1. Textfree

This is one of the best applications online for free texting. All you have to do is create an account with them and they give you your own personal phone number. You can continue to use it for as long as you like, but if you remain inactive for over 30 days then they will give your number to someone else. 

2. UkraineCalling

This site works a little differently than the one listed above but is still a great choice if you need to get in contact with someone. Instead of receiving your own personal number, you give the website your email so that they can give you the replies from whoever you texted. You also need to know the service provider of your friend’s phone as there are sometimes special requirements for each provider. 

3. InternationalFreeSMS

If you’re only looking to send a message to someone then this site is for you. It has an extremely easy-to-use user interface but they have no way for the recipient to message you back. I wouldn’t recommend this site for this reason but if you just need to let someone know something then it will serve its purpose. 

4. Txt2Day

Txt2Day is similar to UkraineCalling but it is much more professional looking and is a safer site for users. Just like UkraineCalling, you are going to have to provide your email if you want replies and you need to know your friend’s service provider. Txt2Day has an additional feature which filters harmful words out of messages that are being sent, making it a much more user friendly site. 

No cell phone? Don’t fret, the internet has plenty of ways to make sure that you get connected and stay connected.