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sex texting

Is Sextexting right for you?

Sexting is a unique experience that you have to try for yourself to fully understand. How might you know if it’s something that you’ll probably enjoy? It all depends on what you’re after, sexually speaking.

You Want a Diverse Array of Partners

There’s a whole wide world of sexual partners out there, and most of us only get a very tiny taste of it. Sexting is sexual connection without limits. People of all walks of life now frequently use the Internet and cell phones to interact with each other and find common ground. You’re sure to find someone out there who is completely unlike anyone you’ve been with before, and they’ll probably find you just as exotic. It’s the easiest way to have some kind of sexual experience with people you otherwise might not ever even speak to, never mind become so intimate with; it’s hard to overestimate the value of that.

You Have a Vivid Imagination

Actual sex is limited by the mechanics of the human body, the availability of toys and consumables, the appropriateness of a given setting, and many other factors that probably haven’t even occurred to you. Sexting takes the training wheels off your sexual imagination and gives you total creative freedom. Whatever sounds exciting to you is a lead you can run with to create a uniquely arousing sexual experience. With infinite possibilities in front of you, you’ll never get bored, and nor will your partners.

You Just Can’t Do It In Person

It doesn’t matter who you are – everybody has times in their life when having sex in person is just not practical. Maybe you’re working a lot, or you’ve got your sister’s kids over for the week, or you’re living in very close quarters with roommates. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to abstain completely. Sexting will let you have the adult fun you’re craving in a quick, discreet manner so you can enjoy yourself even when life gets in the way. Some people start out skeptical of the idea that it could feel as good as actual physical contact, but take our word for it – you’ll find that it can be extremely satisfying.

You Aren’t Sure What You’re Ready For

Many people spend a huge portion of their lives thinking sex should only be between married people, or even just people who are in love. This is nothing but a personal stance, but it’s one that can be very slow to change. If you’re in the middle of this process, you may not be comfortable jumping straight into casual sex. Sexting offers a nice middle ground for you to start your sexual adventures in. You can have your fun, but it’s also easy to take it at your own pace and back out of if you feel the need to. That extra bit of control can be just the boost you need to feel confident enough to really take charge of your sexual liberation. Interested? Learn How to be better at Sextexting.

Commercial sexting is inevitably going to throw a lot of surprises at you. You need to be able to roll with whatever comes up, and do it quickly enough that the customer doesn’t notice your hesitation. If you’re a quick thinker, you’ll do well in this line of work.

Make sure that you don’t give anything out without getting something equivalent or close to it in return. Not only will this give you more material to enjoy, but it gives you some insurance against whatever images or text you send being used for nefarious purposes. If they threaten to go public with your nude selfies, all you have to do is remind them that you have some of theirs as well. They may not care either way, but it only makes sense to cover your bases if you can.

Alter Your Photo Files to Make Them Truly Anonymous

You might think that simply removing your face from a photo makes it impossible to trace back to you, but given sufficient technological know-how, anyone can trace the origin of your selfie right back to you. It just so happens that every photo you take is tagged with something called EXIF data, which stores sensitive information like the time and location at which it was taken. Luckily, knowing it exists is half the battle in this case, and it’s very easy to remove even if you’re a technological amateur. Consult a guide like this one and give yourself an added layer of protection.

None of these tips will completely guarantee that you won’t end up with a creepy stalker with a hard drive full of nudes of you: that’s just not a realistic thing to promise in the modern world, unfortunately. They will, however, let you rest safe in the knowledge that you did everything you could to keep that from happening, and the peace of mind that can give you is well worth the extra effort.

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